Bell~Avita 8 weeks

We are so happy for Rosie (aka Olivia)and Zoey (aka Cassia)  They have two  new best friends, Trevor and Emery and will be living together!

Siberians are wonderful moms and will often care for each others kittens.

Nap Time

Ethel 5 Weeks

 ROCKY 11 weeks now living in RI with Maia & Daniel

Updated Photos   5/22/16

Sadie helping Feeona with her kittens!

Story Time for Lucy!

Feeona / Romeow kittens born 4/5/16 - 3 females

                                   2017 Kittens ​

Sadie / Harold Kittens have all moved to their new homes!

Playing hard calls for some serious nap-time!

Pearl  5 Weeks

Never tell a kitten they have a new toy, until after you put it together!

         Ethel 9  Weeks  

Loki at 5 weeks venturing out in a world filled with things to explore!

  RALPH 11 weeks now living in Mass. with Alex

Learning to climb and jump!

Stroller built for two Siberians!

Kittens love to learn too!

SOLD        LUCY  7  weeks

The smaller the space, the more kittens you will find! There are five kittens in there, really!


GIGI 11 weeks  now living in Pa. with Amy

Avita 4 weeks old and time to explore!

                                     Zoey   7  weeks

                 Cassia has a new best friend and his name is Trevor!

Emery, Dad and Rosie!

Onyx 5 Weeks


                                     Trevor and Zoey !

Good thing school is almost out, we can tell not much homework would get done!

2016 Kittens !

                 Rosie  7 Weeks

We are happy to announce that Olivia has a new friend, Emery! I see lot's of snuggling for these two!


Elena enjoying some quality kitten time with Ethel!

We are so happy for Ethel (aka Topaz) and Lucy (aka Sophia) they will be living together and sharing cuddles with Elena!

           Loki  8 weeks

                 Pearl 9 Weeks

Lucy, aka Sophia became the proud owner of a little girl today, Elena! Looks like many years of cuddling is in their future!


Best friends already!





Loki has two girls to call his own, Leyla & Farah and he loves his special cuddle time with them!

          Onyx 9 Weeks

    TOBEY 11 weeks and now living in Mass. with Brayden

SOLD          ETHEL 7 Weeks