Amelia Fel d1  Low 2


Sadie Fel d1 0.2

# 9 is a kitten with a long story. She lives at the farm and loves to meet new people. One of her favorite pastimes is helping critique Mikes music!

 Harold Fel d1 0.5 


Sam aka Dora on her way to Denver! She shmoozed with all the flight attendants and they loved it!

Gizmo on a flight to his new home in Baltimore! Siberians are great travelers given the opportunity.

Rofey started his new career as a show cat and has earned his championship status!

Our cats find plenty of things to do here on the farm. The local fishing is quite popular!

Photos of cats and kittens who have been retired and moved to their new homes!


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          Delphinia Fel d1 Average 4

Delphinia is living with Jim & Justine in Londonderry NH!

Feeona running on Dunkin!

Vik & his mom Viktoriya, Viktoriya lives in Londodnerry with Delphi, Jim and Justine.