Ask us about our Alaskan grown catnip!

Feeona prefers her water straight from the faucet!

Another unusual trait of the Siberian Cat is their love of water. It's hard to keep a water bowl full around our house. Siberians have also been know to jump in the shower or tub, while it is occupied!



        Fel d1 Very Low 1.8

Plagued with cat allergies?



            Fel d1 Exceptionally Low 0.2


            Fel d1 level exceptionally Low 0.7

        Amelia Fel d1  Low  2

Dora the thief!

Siberian kittens are sweet, curious and

are very quick at settling in to their new home.

We now accept Pay Pal for deposits and payments!

We will be adding a new male to our breeding program! He is a Flame Point with a wonderful, loving personality!


Amelia and Delphi at 7 weeks old

Sadie / Romeow Kittens Due 10/05/16

WELCOME to the home of If you would like to learn more about this wonderful and unusual breed of cat please see our about page, or our contact page. Looking for a therapy cat? Come meet the Siberian!


We are so excited! It was confirmed today Sadie / Padoro kittens are due the first week of October. Should be some beautiful, extremely low allergen kittens!

A Siberian kitten (ELSA) flying with me to her new home in Oregon! Siberians travel very well if you take the time to get them use to it.