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​​​​​​You will find answers to most questions on our Contact or About pages! We have so much going on in spring 2019. We are excited to announce that we have added a "Cat Cafe" where anyone will be able to visit, relax and comfortably allergy test with our wonderful Siberians at their leisure! Photo's coming soon!

Plagued with cat allergies?




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​​Zandr has joined Amelia and has been retired! He is a wonderful boy and we were really sad to have to retire him. Zandr is now living with another Siberian in Connecticut!

A Siberian kitten (ELSA) flying with me to her new home in Oregon! Siberians travel very well if you take the time to get them use to it.

~~~COming Soon~~~ Siberian Cat Cafe

While we continue to strive at providing healthy, happy, extremely~low allergen cats and kittens, we will be updating and re~modeling our website. Please check back often to see photos of our prior kittens and our new additions!

Siberian kittens are sweet, curious and

are very quick at settling in to their new home.


             ​Copy Cats!

Amelia and her friend Dovey 

This is why we raise low allergen Siberians!

Dora the thief!

Feeona prefers her water straight from the faucet!


Today Auntie Amelia ~  is a wonderful babysitter to all of our kittens!


Fel d1 Level Extremely Low 0.5

Onyx has been retired and is now living in Baltimore with the Reed family and her new best friend Sammy! 

Auntie Amelia ~ Babysitting is tiring business!

​​​​​​​​WELCOME to the home of NH Siberians and, If you would like to learn more about this wonderful and unusual breed of cat please see our about page, or our contact page. Looking for a therapy cat? Come meet the Siberian. We are now located in Salem NH, just 30 minutes from Boston. We also deliver, anywhere in the USA! Please Note *** Siberians Cats are NOT hypo~allergenic*** This is an overused and misunderstood term that many breeders apply to their Siberians.

                              Some Siberians not all, are low allergen.  

****Important Information****

Indoor Biotechnologies is the leading laboratory in allergy testing. Located in Charlottesville, Virginia this is the laboratory we send our Fel d1 saliva samples for testing. Recently they have released some important allergen information on Siberian cats done by Siberian Research Inc. Over three hundred Fel d1 saliva samples were submitted for testing on Siberians. The results of those tests showed levels between 0.8 and 27.  According to Indoor Biotechnologies, the highest Fel d1 levels were found on Siberians with silver coloration. They also noted that FEL d1 levels under 2 are extremely rare. If you have allergies and asthma it's important to do your research and talk with the breeder before buying a cat or kitten. 

Our Boy Frantsuz is now owned by New England Siberians!


        Fel d1 Very Low 1.8

Feeona is Amelia and Onyx's mom!

                Amelia Fel d1 Med-Low 2

Amelia was retired from our breeding program. This was a bitter-sweet announcement because she has every Siberian trait possible, low allergen, personality, therapy cat and clown all rolled into one cat! 


Fel d1 Extremely Low 0.2

Another unusual trait of the Siberian Cat is their love of water. It's hard to keep a water bowl full around our house. Siberians have also been know to jump in the shower or tub, while it is occupied!

Amelia and Delphi at 7 weeks old

Zandr Fel d1 .06